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      Human Chart
      Human Chart
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      • Sam Xia

        Sam Xia

        Senior Technician

        Expert introduction

        -Founder Mingbai Co., Ltd
        -Founder Even Biochemical
        National cosmetics Formula Division 1                 
        -Guest professor, Guangdong  Food & Drug College

        -With his good leadership and more than 10 years experinces plant into Cosmetic Industry that enriches his glory milestone.
         With his professional to construct classic application on cosmetic, thereby realized good reputation of customers and respected from them.

      • Zackie


        Bachelor of science in chemistry

        Expert introduction

        He born in Guangzhou city of China and graduated from guangzhou university in 2007.
        In 2008, he began to engage in the research and development of cosmetic formula.
         Chief engineer of guangzhou Even Biochemical co., LTD.

        Engaged in cosmetics formula development for 10 years, familiar with the characteristics and application of many international brands of raw materials, have a unique understanding of cosmetics formula, over the years dedicated service to various types of customers, to meet the needs of customers formula, and won the unanimous trust of customers.
      • Annie Wang

        Annie Wang

        Bachelor of Economics

        Expert introduction

        -Founder of Even Biochemical

        -10 years as Sales Director in IP for Cosmetic Raw Material, in 2017, she joined in Even Biochemical take over business management.
        -With her excellent experince service to customers, with the action to all staff to establish a good reputation, won the majority of customer groups trust and respect.
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