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  • Product Catalog
    Item Number INCI Name Description/Compound
    Puritox                   MORINGA PTERYGOSPERMA SEED EXTRACT,BUTYLENE GLYCOL Natural sources of anti-pollution raw materials, highly efficient absorption of heavy metals, purification of pollutants such as PM2.5, effectively improve skin barrier function, and have antioxidant and anti-aging functions.
    Rice Callus tem Cell Extract ORYZA SATIVA (RICE) GERM EXTRACT Whitening, antioxidant and moisturizing.Korean patent 10-1107871(2012.01.12) contains skin topical composition of rice callus extract.We have clinical trial report of Ellead.
    Edelweiss Callus Stem Cell Extract LEONTOPODIUM ALPINUM CALLUS CULTURE EXTRACT Anti-aging (eye wrinkles, skin elasticity, skin density, skin thickness improvement, facial enhancement), anti-inflammation, moisturizing.Korean patent 10-2016-0043551(2016.04.22) contains the skin topical composition with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects and the preparation method of edelweiss callus extract.Chinese patents App Code: 201511023076.7 (2015.12.30).Ellead clinical validation report.
    Rose Callus Stem Cell Extract ADENIUM OBESUM LEAF CELL EXTRACT Antioxidant, moisturizing, anti - inflammatory and whitening.Korean patent 10-1372789 contains rose callus extract or skin topical composition containing this extract.We have clinical trial report of Ellead.
    Lotus Stem Cell      NELUMBO NUCIFERA LEAF CELL CULTURE POWDER Whitening, anti - inflammatory, moisturizing.Korean patent 10-1143717(2012.04.30) contains skin topical composition of callus extract and its manufacturing method.We have clinical trial report of Ellead.
    Resurrection Plant Callus Stem Cell Extract  MYROTHAMNUS FLABELLIFOLIA LEAF/STEM EXTRACT Moisturizing, anti-aging, repair.Korean patent 10-1305698(2013.09.02) contains skin topical composition of callus extract of resurrection grass
    Bioeven Lifter HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN,EUGLENA GRACILIS POLYSACCHARIDE It can form a transparent thin film on the skin, which gives the skin a silky luster and smooth feeling.Very suitable for face care products, such as compact face mask, eye cream and other products.
    BIO-AHP-500 ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE-8                Botulinum toxin - like, improves wrinkles, CFDA approval.
    Oligo-AWP(寡肽-32) OLIGOPEPTIDE-32 improves wrinkles, CFDA approval.
    Oligo-CBP(寡肽-29) OLIGOPEPTIDE-29 improves wrinkles, CFDA approval.
    Bio-PPP(棕榈酰五肽-4) PALMITOYL PENTAPEPTIDE-4 improves wrinkles, CFDA approval.
    Bio-CTP(三肽-1 铜) COPPER TRIPEPTIDE-1 Improve skin elasticity, promote hair growth, CFDA approved for use.
    3 GF Complex OLIGOPEPTIDE-1                                                                      SH-POLYPEPTIDE-1                                                                    OLIGOPEPTIDE-2 compound from EGF;bFGF;IGF-1.For skin and skin strengthening, three growth factors, improving skin elasticity, skin regeneration, skin elasticity and EGF synergistic effect.
    6 GF  Complex OLIGOPEPTIDE-1                                                                              SH-POLYPEPTIDE-1                                                                    OLIGOPEPTIDE-2                                                                            SH-POLYPEPTIDE-22                                                               SH-POLYPEPTIDE-3                                                                    SH-POLYPEPTIDE-9 EGF/bFGF/ IGF-1;TGF-β1 ;KGF;VEGFComposition of six factors. It can regulate various functions within cells, such as promoting the growth, division and healing of skin cells.Promote cell regeneration, improve wound healing, promote cell migration and division, promote cell regeneration, promote cell division, promote collagen synthesis, promote intracellular collagen synthesis.