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  • Product Catalog
    Product Catalog
    Item Number INCI Name Description/Compound
    Bioeven LA             Yeast lysosomes extract、PROPYLENE GLYCOL、PHENOXYETHANOL Yeast isolated from ice wine brewing process is concentrated and extracted by freezing method to avoid component loss caused by high temperature evaporation and concentration.Improve water and oil balance and brighten skin tone.
    BIO Duo Ferm SL BIFIDA FERMENT FILTRATE,LACTOBACILLUS FERMENT Improve skin tone, whiten skin and regenerate cells.Ingredients of sk-ii and estee lauder.   (Patent App Code:10-2015-0012782,10-2015-0012856,10-2015-0075812)
    BIO Duo Ferm GL         SACCHAROMYCOPSIS FERMENT FILTRATE,LACTOBACILLUS FERMENT The main functional component of divine water, the metabolite of yeast, inhibits skin aging, promotes the differentiation and elasticity of skin cells, and helps prevent wrinkles and brighten the skin tone.  (Patent App Code:10-2015-0012782,10-2015-0012856)
    BIO Saccharomyces F   SACCHAROMYCOPSIS FERMENT FILTRATE Moisturizing, improving wrinkle and nourishing skin.