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          Product Catalog
          Item Number INCI Name Description/Compound
          Bioeven DG(PC) DIPOTASSIUM GLYCYRRHIZATE With a purity of up to 98%, dipotassium glycyrrhizate has a variety of functions such as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, anti-sensitive and deodorizing.It is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, food and other industries.
          Bioeven PAE              PAEONOL Oil-soluble crystals can inhibit the generation of O2- free radicals in cells, whiten the skin, reduce the melanin deposition in the skin, and eliminate the silting spots.At the same time, it also has anti - inflammation, swelling and pain relief, anti - allergy, anti - virus, antipyrexia and inhibition of allergic reaction.0.3% used in shampoo, can remove dandruff and stop itching, promote hair growth;Used in the mask, it can make the skin white and tender, prevent aging, and have excellent effect on acne and acne.0.3% used in toothpaste, swelling and pain relief, mask bad breath, clean mouth.
          Bioeven PRE    PAEONIA SUFFRUTICOSA ROOT EXTRACT Water soluble powder has the hair, prevent diaper rash (inhibit trypsin), protect the elastin (inhibiting elastase), anti inflammation suppression (contact dermatitis), inflammation suppression (IL - 1 а), inflammation (inhibition of arachidonic acid ear edema), anti-inflammatory (complement activity) resistance, anti-inflammatory, inhibiting carageen glue plantar edema), anti-inflammatory (inhibition of histamine free) and antioxidant (SOD), antioxidant, inhibition of lipid peroxide generated), protecting the hyaluronic acid (inhibit hyaluronidase), medium (inhibition of IL - 1 а), inhibiting medium (inhibition of arachidonic acid ear edema), inhibition of medium(inhibits histamine free), inhibits melanin synthesis (inhibits the generation of B16 melanoma cells) and promotes blood circulation.
          Bioeven HPA                             White ~ light yellow powder.Used to relieve itchy skin symptoms, it has powerful antioxidant and anti-allergic properties, making it a good skin protectant.The powerful anti-inflammation and anti-pruritic activity of the skin enables it to replace the current glucocorticoid and be used in various topical skin cream products.
          Bioeven AGI WATER,BIOSACCHARIDE GUM-1,SACCHAROMYCES/SOY PROTEIN FERMENT,AVENA SATIVA EXTRACT,PENTYLENE GLYCOL,BUTYLENE GLYCOL It can solve the symptoms such as itching, pain, redness and inflammation of sensitive skin from multiple targets, and has obvious repair effect on wound. Therefore, it has obvious improvement effect on sensitive muscle and acne muscle.Clinical trials have shown that glucocorticosteroid-dependent dermatitis has obvious curative effects.
          SLB Mixed Extract                                      SAPOSHNIKOVIA DIVARICATA ROOT EXTRACT;SCUTELLARIA BAICALENSIS ROOT EXTRACT;BUPLEURUM CHINENSIS ROOT EXTRACT To improve atopic dermatitis, antioxidant and anti-free radical.Korean patent 10-1147862 (2012.06.24) a skin topical composition with the ability to improve atopic dermatitis.Report of Ellead clinical trial.
          AT Portulaca Extract                                                             PORTULACA OLERACEA EXTRACT